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To tell you all what you probably all ready know, but just incase some of you are curious.
What is a Pr?
A personal record is an individual's best performance in a given sporting discipline. It is most commonly found in athletic sports, such as running, swimming, weightlifting and crossfit. In a nutshell, a Pr is a goal to be beaten.

So in answer to your next question

What is ‘PrCentral’?

There are a couple of scenarios this will occur!  

The first is a Personal PrCentral

Let me paint you a picture and use deadlift in a crossfit box as an example!

Your in the gym warming up your deadlift, working through your sets until you make it to your current Pr weight. So you stick a bit more weight on the bar, even if it’s just an extra 2.5kg’s......it’s still extra weight! You pull the lift and pr your current Pr. Feeling confident you stick on some more weight, pull the lift and boom! You’ve just dropped a double Pr and on the train to PrCentral.

The second is a group PrCentral!

Your in a group session, same scenario everyone’s working on their deadlift! Working through their sets up to a one rep max! Working through, multiple people are hitting Pr’s and your box is in PrCentral.

The term PrCentral can be used with any focused goal, be it lifting a heavier weight, running a faster race, completing a wod in a faster time or even loosing weight!

Remember......a Pr is a goal to be beaten! 


In February 2018 we created PrCentral Apparel.

Providing you with quality clothing and accessories to help you look and feel great while helping you on your way to PrCentral!

Let’s celebrate your Pr’s and accomplishments, and get everyone on the PrCentral train!

Team PrCentral out (mike drop)

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